Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Berry Pickin and Making Jam

Hey everyone! We've been busy picking huckleberries and blackberries and making jam at the Flanagan Funny Farm!!!! The kids are having a great time helping me make jam this year. They are calling it "their jam" now. I wonder if anyone else will get a taste! Vonda - I know I've already rubbed it in but the huckleberries are awesome this year - you are missing out! (Hee, Hee)

It is a tradition for our little family to take our tent trailer up in the Eagle Mountains (30 minutes away from our house in Eastern Oregon). My kids start asking about huckleberry season about every February! We pick and camp out, rising early the next morning to get some more picking in before breakfast. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without fresh huckleberry pancakes for breakfast!

I've been busy organizing and trying to get ready for the school year. Are you all ready for some more lessons from the Flanagan Funny Farm Homeschool? We feel the responsibility and need to make sure you are all educated!!!! We actually started a few lessons this week, so stay tuned for a homeschool lesson coming your way soon!

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Vonda said...

Now you have me crying.....and squalling because I wish I had those berries. It looks like you all had a fun trip and got lots of berries. Yum!

I love the scrapbook. I love the messy purple faces and Jordan, I love your fishy fishy shirt. Now that you all have learned how to make jam I expect you to come and make blueberry jam for me out of all these trillions of berries.

I love you guys!

Jill said...

So, I'm expecting a jar of huck jam, you know, all for taste-testing purposes. I'm an excellent jam tester. Looks like you guys had fun, and I love the scrapbook!