Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes Sir, Teacher, Yes Sir!

Brian began school in Buffalo on Monday and he told me that he has to dive right in and begin teaching five days a week. He is teaching a beginning Spanish class so he wasn't particularly excited about that. Part of the purpose of going on to get his Ph.D. is so that he can feel like he is still be somewhat challenged. But this is good practice and he will at least know what he does not want to teach if this is something that he doesn't enjoy that much. 

So if you click on the picture below you can see he is now officially teaching a course at Buffalo University! 

We are proud of you Brian. Keep us posted on what is going on with you. I have bugged him for a couple of years to do a blog since he was seeing some pretty cool things while in Spain. Finally he says I forced him to begin one. Who knows if he will have time to keep up on it but there is a link on the side bar to it.

Note: Be aware he thinks he is pretty hilarious and put a warning of adult content on there. So when you click on his name it will warn you there is adult content. But it is clean. Goof ball.


Kristi said...

Awesome Brian Awesome!!!!! We are all so proud of you! Hey, I'm sure this will impress you - I know how to say "ripe avacados ensure farts" in Spanish!!!! (a product of being a homeschool mom!)
I'm glad to hear you are starting a blog - now I'll be able to torture more readily!

Love ya!