Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We're Back - The Flanagan Homeschool With Bridge Engineering

School is back in session and we've been studying the character trait of determination - thus bridge engineering! It took a lot of determination for those engineers to build the massive bridges that are out there. Here is a few pictures of what we've been doing. First, here is a picture of us getting a close-up view of an arch bridge - we needed an excuse to go to the beach!

Here the kids are practicing being a cantalever bridge - a bridge that is supported on one side. Jordie and Addie are the cantalevers - Lexie is the beam bridge in the middle!

Yes, we sometimes do homeschool in our pajamas! Here are the kids displaying a beam bridge and the principle of compression.

The kids have now made the beam bridge stronger by putting an arch in - just like the Romans!

Now we're experimenting to see what shape is the strongest.

Definitely not a square!

We did find out what shape is strongest (triangle) and made this bridge:

So, here is a video of the Flanagan Bridge Engineers giving you a lesson on bridges:


Egghead said...

Wow! I never knew much about bridges. In fact I don't think we even studied them in school. But I have to tell you that triangle bridge would not have lasted. I would have ate the gum drops. Great job kids!

Jill said...

Gum drops! No fair! Did they get to EAT their bridge afterward??? :) what a fun project! You guys did awesome!

goddess in the groove said...

Don't you just love how everything can be SCHOOL??? We homeschool too, and I am always amazed at how fast the kids learn, retain, and strategize with my minimal input.....

Cool bridges!

Kelli said...

I'm very impressed! I don't remember ever learning anything about bridges in school... doesn't mean they didn't teach it, I just don't remember! So I learned something interesting too!

Skye said...

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