Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Things You Do for Your Children's Education!!! (Circulatory and Respiratory System)

The things you do for your kids education!!! If you've read some of the recent posts, you know we have been studying the systems of the body and learning about the character trait of cooperation. Well this week, we've been finishing studying 2 systems that really have to cooperate - the circulatory and respiratory systems. We have all learned so much!!!!

This first video is a "walk-through" model we made so each of the kids could act out being a blood cell and understand how the blood circulates through the body, specifically how it goes through the heart and how it is oxygenated by the lungs. I can't believe how much my kids understand (and mom too), now that we've physically walked through the circulatory system.

Now, warning for the squeamish, this next video may not be for you! Come on, give it a try, it is actually not all that bad! For the grand finale, we dissected cow lungs and hearts yesterday. The following is a video of my family and another homeschooling family putting air in the lungs to see them expand. The kids reactions are pretty funny!

I do have to say, that I'm doing things I would never have dreamed I would be doing. I'm definitely not the nurse or doctor type much to my mother's dismay (she's a retired nurse). For all of those moms out there who have thought about homeschooling but think you just couldn't do it - let me say this: Oh, yes you can!!! I was the last person to ever think I would home school - no way, not me!!! Through health circumstances of one of my children, I was kicked between the shoulder blades into homeschooling. I am so glad! It's one of the hardest thing I've ever done in my life but has definitely given our family huge blessings and lessons in the process! I always tell new homeschooling moms that its more about stretching and growing the mom than about teaching the kids. Although, your kids will be smarter than smart! So, if your a mom sitting on the fence - JUMP! Your life will never be the same - you don't even have to wear rubber boots and a denim jumper! Or, if you are just someone that likes to be entertained by a crazy homeschool family's antics, sit back and enjoy! Sister Vonda, this video is for you! (wink, wink).

Well, after we watched the lungs in action, we dissected them along with the heart. We found the bronchioles in the lungs and heart strings, chambers and valves of the heart. Jordan was amazed at how hard it was to actually go through the valve the wrong way - God is an amazing designer. We were able to identify which side of the heart was the left side (its the stronger side because it pumps the blood throughout the body, not just to the lungs). The muscles on the left side are thicker. It was amazing to see how this wasn't hard for the kids to dissect - I think it has a lot to do with how I, as the mom react. If I'm grossed out, they will be too. Addie, my 7 year old, just had a grand time hacking away at the heart! Take a look at her little sly smile as she is dissecting!

Future Heart Surgeons:

Checking out the lungs:

You gotta have heart (har, har)!

Really, really, really checking out the lungs:

This isn't so bad:


Egghead said...

This is so cool. You are a genius sis. I love the part where Lexie runs away when you begin to blow up the lungs. Hilarious. That photo of Addie is great and I am so impressed in the kids and their willingness to see all this and experience it. Amazing and thank you for keeping me in the loop. I love it.

Junebug said...

Very, very cool.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I popped over here from Vonda's site, just to say I remember learning about the lungs in public school by watching a balloon inflate.

Hands-on cow lung inflation is so much better to see what REALLY happens when a cow breathes. Wow!

We're homeschoolers, too. And you remind me a bit of myself. You made me laugh at how excited you were to handle that air compressor and the cow lungs.
Homeschool Moms are fearless and adventurous.
Yours kids are learning so much more than they ever could in a public school setting.

Um. But maybe Lexie might prefer seeing the balloon expand instead of the real thing? lol!

Thanks for sharing your videos and homeschool fun :)

Homeschooling in New Mexico

Carolynn said...

I swung over here from Aunt Vonda's site to check out the video...and I must say, VERY COOL! I certainly wouldn't have forgotten a lesson that that when I was young.

Are those all your kids? The little button in the red with the glasses is way too cute!


Brian said...

Wow! I think I learned some things about cows that I never knew... I heard you say that the cow's diaphragm would inflate when it breaths. I think that there are other methods of cow contraception out there as well, that may help to solve the inflatable cow diaphragm problem. I'm not exactly up to date on the latest cow contraceptive methods, but I'm sure that if you stop by the local cow pharmacy they can probably help.
Seriously though, that was pretty cool! And disgusting!

Kristi said...

Har Har Har Brian - you are the one that is disgusting. Just think you have a diaphragm inside you too - couldn't live without it so there!

Kelli said...

This kinda makes me queasy, even though it is completely awesome! Those kids are brave!