Friday, November 14, 2008

Time, Yes It Is All About Time

I know, I know I have been absent from this blog as well as the Wee Ones. I hope to do better but I have two older sisters that never keep up with us at all. So until they hop on board again I guess this will be the Vonda and Kristi blog. 

So Kristi, I know you the crafty little woman that you are, are working on something Christmasy. Can you share?  Just an assumption since you do so many cute things.  I wish we lived closer because I have these cool wooden shutters just waiting to be painted on.  

Speaking of those, are there any bloggers out there reading this that have some good ideas for what I can do with these? I am always looking for some good ideas.

So I am just popping in to say hi and if I ever get some time I will share some stuff that I want to make for the holidays.  Time, time, time. Where is it?


Kristi said...

Wow Vonda! I can't believe you are actually posting! I was beginning to think ALL OF MY SISTERS had abondoned me! I will get back to posting, we have been very busy. But I felt since I was the only one posting, it was a bit like bragging about my kids WAY TOO MUCH!!!! Look for some more anatomy lessons coming soon - we are blowing up some cow lungs today with a compressor - want to come over?

Vonda said...

Kristi as long as they reallty don't blow up into smitherenes. You better be careful with that might have cow lung tissue all over the place.