Monday, November 24, 2008

We'll Keep An Eye Out For You

Well, I guess you could call this "Part 2 of What you Won't Do for Your Child's Education!" In keeping with our anatomy education this month, I led a cow eye dissection for our homeschool coop this month. I do have to admit that the eyes are a bit disgusting compared to the cow heart and lungs, but in the name of education, I'm sure you all can handle it! After all, if a six year old (along with several other grade school ages) can handle it, I'm sure you can too! We had about 30 kids dissecting these eyes - I'm so proud of them - only one had to go for fresh air! They all just dove in! The title of my post "We'll Keep An Eye Out For You", believe it or not, is actually what the butcher told me when I asked for 12 cow eyes!!!! Har, Har, Har!!! Of course this comment was made to me after I had several questioning stares - after all, what in the world would you want with 12 cow eyes? Here is a fun little video with different clips from the dissection. Listen close to some of the comments - the kids crack me up! Notice my reference above regarding the "dove in" comment - listen for my son's comment about a swimming pool.

Here are some still shots of the kids in action:

The eye - poor Molly Cow is still staring at us! This actually helped the kids see the muscles and fat attached to the eye (gross).

Well, here it goes!

I can't believe my little 7 year old doesn't mind dissecting things like this!!! Here is the lesson - don't limit your kids to what you think is gross or "un-do-able"!

Here is Lexie looking at the retina and optic nerve up close:

These 2 (not my children) are having a great time holding parts - see it's not just my kids that are enjoying this!

Here is a close up of the back of the eye - if you look close you can see the lens in the middle - and the shiny green at the back of the eye. Animals have this reflective coating to help them see at night - we don't have this - this is why animal eyes glow at night when you shine a light on them!

Well, you made it through this post - I hope you are not green at the gills! To reassure you, I don't think we will be doing any more dissections for a while (tee, hee). Who knows what we'll come up with next!


Vonda said...

I have to admit watching that kind of makes my hot chocolate a little hard to swallow. Jordan saying it looks like a swimming pool cracks me up. But I love hearing Pat's laugh in the end. What a good Dad and Mom your guys are. Tell the kiddos I am really proud of them for being so brave. I would have to be picked up off the floor if I had to do that.

Love you guys.


Kristi said...

Their reactions just cracked me up - at the very first, did you hear Jordan's comment about the smell - and the look on his face! Pat was cracking up because he was telling one of the kids not to touch their face with their glove - the kid had looked at him funny and said - I don't think I touched anything yet with this glove (with a panic look). He was also the kid that had to go get some fresh air (Jaden). Too funny - I'm proud of you sis for watching the video!!!

Kelli said...

That's actually really cool, but I don't like how it was still attached to the muscle, that creeps me out! It is very interesting to see the lens and everything though. Again, very brave kids!!