Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OK so my thirty three year old cheap Kenmore sewing machine is in the shop for repair. I am thinking about buying a new machine and so I wanted some opinions on what to look at. It may be a while before I do this but I want to begin looking now. What I want to have is something that does a great job without going up to the top of the line Viking or other. 

What do you use sisters? I think I know Barb has a Bernina (right?) and Kristi I don't know what you have. When you have time can you tell me what you have, how you like it, what you don't like, etc.? 

There you go Kristi, you can buy a camera and I can at least begin thinking of a new machine.

I am ready to begin sewing/crafting. Kristi Barb wants to have a Christmas bazaar in her house next year (October or November I presume...jump in here at any time Barb). So I was thinking you might want to make some cute things to sell for  some extra money. You are so talented I bet you could come up with lots of cute things.  

Remember I have all these wooden shutters just begging to be painted so any time we can get together this summer this could be a great project.


Kristi said...

Oooo - those shutters sound fun. Why don't we plan a sisters get together. You know, we don't have to spend lots of money to get together. My house is big and always open! I don't mind traveling either!!!!

Sewing machine - I have an Elna and really like it. I will ask around to all my quilting buddies because they know their stuff when it comes to sewing machines. One question to answer is if you want all the fancy stitches and such, computerized etc. because they can get spendy. My friend owns the quilting shop here - I will ask her! One thing is for sure, the next machine I get will do the blanket stitch since I do so much applique! What will you be using it for mostly?

I'm definitely in for the bazaar! It would be fun to choose some projects we could work on together for it also! You know - you are barking up my tree!!! Let's see if we can get Barb to give us a date!

Egghead said...

Thanks and if you could ask some of your quilter friends. I want to sew some quilted things kind of like your Chrsitmas stuff and a blanket stitch would be great. I was looking at the Jenomes yesterday and they do some pretty neat stuff. I talked with Barb about the bazaar this morning and she was kind of thinking mid November but if you have a better time let her/us know. She wanted to avoid a friends bazaar here which is always the end of October and also December because of icy conditions and there are always a bunch then. What do you think?

Kristi said...

Hey sis - I asked the owner of our local quilt store. Jenome is the best bang for the buck. She said for what you get it is the most durable - great machine. She recommended three models:

DC3050 - (price range around $510ish

4900QC - $1000(ish)

MC6600 - $1500(ish)

She said you could go on line and look at those models and what stitches they have.

The bazaar would be great - We always have our first bible quiz meet around the 1st or 2nd weekend. So how about the 3rd weekend?

Egghead said...

Thanks Kristi,

I actually think that one of those (the first one) is the one I was looking at but I'm not sure. It was around $600 but was on sale for $400.

The third week sounds good to me and I will pass it on to Barb. It is the weekend before Thanksgiving so it should hopefully be good.....people gearing up to shop.