Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maybe We've Been Doing a Little Too Much Dissection!

As you may know by reading previous posts, we have been studying anatomy in our homeschool and have dissected several things (cow eyes, heart & lungs to name a few). A few things have happened recently to make me think - hmmmmmmmm - maybe we've been doing a little too much dissection!!! Recently we took my daughter Lexie to receive an MRI so that the neurosurgeon could look at her cranial shunts and make sure they were working. It has been a while since she has had an MRI, so she didn't really remember what it was like. I had told her that they were just taking a picture of her brain - I thought all was good - until we were in the waiting room and she turned to me: (stone faced) "Mom, are they going to cut me open and rip me apart?" Hmmmmmmmmm - yes, maybe those dissection lessons are a little impressionable on a six year old!

As you can imagine, I've kind of gotten to "know" the butcher because of all the dissection. It's not every day you ask for 16 cow and deer eyes. However, the local butcher is a very "unique" person, and didn't bat an eye (excuse the pun)! In fact, his response was quite witty: He said "We'll keep an eye out for you!" This man has a big heart but is of the simple nature. After all these strange requests of mine, he ask if I wanted him to let me know if he saw anything else "interesting". Well............... it happened.

Let me set the stage for you: I am teaching a Bible quizzing team of 9 children at my house. There comes a knock at my door. Of course, naturally, I expected it to be one of the parents so I said "Come on in!" Here enters Mr. Butcher (with 9 pairs of children's eyes glued to him). Now you have to imagine what the butcher looks like. He's a big hairy guy with a beard. He is wearing his butcher rubber boots and coveralls and of course he smells like the animals he has been butchering all day. The aroma is "gently" filling my home. He says in his big booming voice "Do you want some pig fetuses?" Well, what am I to say? (The kids are chanting "I want to see, I want to see" in the background) The pressure was on - how can I say no to the guy who has dug 16 eyes out of skulls for me and lugged two sets of cow lungs and hearts to my front door? So, of course, I said "sure!" as I was thinking: How in the world am I going to explain this one to the parents of the Bible quizzing kids?

I managed to keep the kids contained until after their quizzing lesson. Then we stampeded to the kitchen to see these itsy, bitsy, little piggies. The owners were unaware that the pig was pregnant and so the reason for their demise. These little pigs had hooves no bigger than a pencil lead. They were still in their individual sacs. What to do - I know - let's have a lesson about life and the value of it! We discussed that these little piggies sure did look like they once had life - they were fully formed - very cute little piggies. This discussion lead into human babies and how they truly are a life inside the mother and the lie of abortion that many are led to believe... it actually turned out to be a pretty cool lesson. Then came time for the kids to leave. One boy was begging to take a pig home - so I had him call his mom. It was quite funny - all he could get out was: "Hi mom, um, um,ummm, um, um, um, um........................" I asked him if he wanted me to ask, so of course I did. Believe it or not, the mom was great - she said bring it on home! You might have guessed, she homeschools too! About that time, another mom showed up, and she asked to take one home. Yep, she's a homeschooler too. Woo hoo - go homeschoolers - welcome to the wild frontier!!!!!!

So, feel free to come on over the Flanagan Funny Farm Homeschool. You never know what you might learn!


Vonda said...

Hilarious! Those kids must have been so fun to watch. I wish I were there hiding in the pantry so I could pig squeal when they were looking at those piggies. Can you imagine?

Kelli said...

Poor Lexie, what a terrifying thought! But that is a great story! I want a baby pig, though I want a live one.

Jill said...

Poor little Lexie! She's so precious! I love the lesson you made out of the pig fetuses--I wish I could have seen them! I think that kind of stuff is amazing! Kind of sad, though. Can you send one to me via FedEx? :P