Thursday, April 9, 2009

A fun little girl skirt for spring

Hey sisters! On one of my searches for fun things to make (with the excuse of making something for our craft bizarre) I ran across this fun and easy way to make a skirt for little girls - no pattern required! I added the applique - the skirt is SOOOOOO easy - you sew from salvaged end to end and the bottom hem is enclosed in a ribbon. The original instructions came from - A very quick make and I just used scrap fabric I had laying around! This one is Lexie's - I think I'll tuck it in her Easter Basket. I'm going to do one for Addie with different applique - I'll show you when I'm done!


Egghead said...

That is so cute. The girls should love it. I love the appliqued flowers. Maybe I'll try to make a few of these for the girls. Easter basket gift is a great idea. Quick and kind of sewing.