Thursday, April 9, 2009

What we did for Spring Break!

One nice thing about homeschooling is that you can choose when, if and how you take your breaks from school. Each year our homeschool group raises money to have a week of art lessons (full days) with a local artist (Teri Axness) who is a great teacher and her art prints are very popular. The kids feel like they are taking lessons from someone famous - they love her! The kids learn about art history, artists and do at least 3 different mediums during the week. Her is a peek into our week this year. Yes, this mom loves this week as much or more than the kids!!!

We have always done a clay project during the week. The younger kids first learned about Vangoh and his love for painting flowers. Then they got to create their own three dimensional flowers. These will be garden stakes when they are finished. We don't have them back from being fired yet, but here are pictures from the creation process:

Lexie working on her masterpiece:

Here are the flowers formed and waiting to be painted (they have holes on the bottom so that they can sit on long stakes to be put in the flower garden):

Here they are painted and waiting to be fired:

The kids had a bit of extra time so they also made some little turtles - they should be cute when finished:

The older kids had a clay project too. They studied the history and art of the pueblo Indians and the making of their story teller dolls. Then, of course, we made our own story teller dolls. Here is Jordan working on his:

Here is Jordan's storyteller doll waiting to be fired. Notice the little kids laying on the storyteller - Jordan's kids are laying flat on thier backs on the storyteller's legs. This is one of the characteristics of storyteller dolls - one of my favorite parts. I love the thought of all these little kids laying all over their grandma or grandpa, listening to stories:

Here is my big nosed storytelling grandma with her grandkids hanging on her - it will be fun to see what they look like fired:

Next, the younger kiddos learned about Monet and his famous waterlilly painting. They learned about forshortening, perspective, and capturing light and color on the water. Then they made their own "Monet Water Lilly" painting with water colors and tissue paper for the water lillies. Here are Addie and Lexie working on their masterpieces:

And the artists with their finished masterpieces:

Next, the older kids learned about famous architects in history and different architectural styles. We then became architects and drew our own buildings. We could be totally original or pull styles from buildings we studied. After sketching our buildings we transferred them to copper sheets and made a repose - making the building three dimensional - then painting it with metalic paint. Here is Jordan's creation:

Here is my attempt at some Russian-style buildings:

Now back to the next projects for the younger kiddos. They studied how and artist (I can't remember her name - darn it) used repeated patterns to create her paintings. Then they drew their own:

They studied John Audobon and his drawings of birds and how he used real birds as his models. Then they created chickens two different ways. First with markers and liquid watercolor:

And then with oil crayons drawn and sandpaper - I love how those turned out:


Here are the girls and a few of the other homeschoolers posing with the famous Terri Axness herself:

The final project for the older kids included a study of Pacasso and cubism. One neat thing about this week is that I get to try projects and styles I would never choose on my own. I don't particularly like Picasso's "cubism". He used shapes to create front and side profiles of individuals at the same time. We tried our hand at our own images in "cubism" with watercolors. Very interesting. Here is Jordan and his masterpiece with the "master" herself:

And here is mom and son and their masterpieces together - does it look like us?

This was such a great education and so much fun!


Egghead said...

Those kids are some lucky kids. Terri is such a great artists and a full week with her teaching is so wonderful. I love all the projects. They turned out so well. Of course you know my favorite, number one.....the chickens. Hilarious and the are so cute. But I love the flowers and oh just all of them. Great job kids and mom.