Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lexie's Ladybug Day Spa Birthday

Our little Lexie Kay turned 7 yesterday! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!

As you might of guessed the theme had to do with ladybugs. In the picture above she is posing with the cake I made her out of fondant and her flowers, complete with little ladybugs in them made with my handy dandy Cricut.

Lexie started out the day with our tradition of waking her up blowing bubbles and singing "Happy Birthday".

For her ladybug party, she informed me she needed a ladybug shirt - so of course, I had to make one!!!

We had a Ladybug Day Spa for her at Grandma's house because she had a hot tub! So here is Lexie arriving at the the Little Lady Bug Day Spa (note the facial beds in the background to the left =0):

The spa guests began by "relaxing" in the hot tub:

The girls then split up into stations. Here is the birthday girl getting her chocolate facial treatment! All of the girls loved this station!

Here is cousin Shelly relaxing with her facial:

The girls then got a foot scrub and went to the pedicure station where their nails were painted red with black poka dots, of course! While they were getting their nails painted, the girls tied red, black and white ribbon onto black flipflops to keep them busy so their toes could dry.

There was also a waiting room for the girls to read the latest American Girl and Family Fun magazines while they waited. Jordan was the "pool boy" and served chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses to the girls at the different stations. The girls really got into ordering him around, it was pretty funny. Addie kept saying "Jordan, I need more wine!" It cracked me up! Here is a picture of the facial station on the left and the waiting room bench on the right:

This was the foot washing station and the pedicure station:

Here are Lexie and Addie at the refreshment table. I've really been having fun with my new Cricut - it helped me make the goodie bags and tags. The goodie bags were filled with "spa" things including nail polish, toe separators, hair bands, etc. Yep, I had to paint black dots on the tablecloth and napkins - easy peasy - just used a potato dipped in paint:

The goodie bags also included a lady bug hair clip that I made. They turned out pretty cute:

Yep, it may seem that I make my kids' birthdays into national holidays. I think I might enjoy it as much as they do!!! But here is a warning to you, you may turn out like this when the party is done:


Egghead said...

Sis you are such a crafty girl. I know how much time and work you put into these cute birthday themes for the kiddos. They are going to have the best memories. I am loving the ladybug theme and those barrettes are adorable.

Egghead said...

Oh and that last photo I am loving. You made me laugh today.

Jill said...

ha ha ha ha ha! That last photo is hysterical! You are so funny, Aunt Krissie! I love all of the pictures and all the work you put into her birthday, it's making me excited for Byron's birthday!

I have to admit, out of ALL of the pictures, my very favorite is of little Lexie Loo sitting in bed when you guys woke her up with Happy Birthday and bubbles! What a precious girl! You can tell those munchkins are much loved! :o)

muriel said...

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Mommas Soapbox said...

So cute! Wow you are so talented! I love the cake....and the last photo is a crack up.

I'm baking with my girl "rugrats" today and I just may have to borrow the idea of the last photo when we are done! LOL

Thanks for sharing!

Vinisha said...

Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!
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