Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Fooled ya sisters! I bet you thought I was going to put some wild thing up here about St. Patrick's Day but instead I have a couple of little Easter surprises. Emma, Lucy and I did a little crafting this past weekend and we made a couple of blocks with the girls' first initials on them for their bedrooms. I also sewed them a cute fabric egg. But I forgot to take pictures so sorry. You don't get to see those. Perhaps I will make Byron and Ayden's and remember to photograph them this weekend for you.

I stitched these a while back and turned them into little Easter pillows. Just a fast and easy little project.

I also stitched this cute dish towel with a bunny who just seems to scream Easter and spring.

Hope you are all crafting happily! I just want to be home doing this stuff full time.

What are you up to girls?

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